Monday, 23 August 2010

Virtual Temps, the new alternative to hiring traditional Temps

We've just published a new article about the new phenomenon of Virtual Temps.

Virtual Temps are the new alternative to the traditional office Temp, except they work remotely, just like Virtual Assistants and Virtual PAs, so you don't need to provide physical office space, a desk or IT equipment. And, like their regular counterparts, they are easier to manage too.

Compared with going to an agency and hiring a traditional Temp, where you get a different person each time that needs briefing and training, your Virtual Temp will always be the same person. This way you get to know the person and they get to know your business - and they will slot in at short notice - you just call them in when you need help. It's simple because the relationship is always in place.

However, the best thing is that Virtual Temps are far more flexible and productive because, just like Virtual Assistants, you only pay for their productive time.

Find out more by reading the full article called Virtual Temps... More flexible, more productive or visit our web page about flexible, cost effective temporary cover.

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