Saturday, 8 October 2011

Low Cost Audio Transcription Options

If you produce large amounts of audio notes, such as interviews, meetings and dictations you'll need a low cost transcription service. There are several options to consider, from sending it overseas to jobbing sites and Virtual Assistants, but they all vary in cost, quality and reliability. So, here's a simple guide to choosing:
  1. Go East: sending audio files to India or China is low cost, but finding the ideal person is difficult. You are also likely to suffer from language issues and cultural differences - after all, who really likes dealing with Indian Call Centres?
  2. Go West: finding a transcription service in the US is easier and a little cheaper than the UK. There are fewer language issues - after all, they don't quite speak our language - but, the time difference is in your favour as the US is 5+hrs behind giving plenty of time to get your typing done overnight
  3. Jobbing Sites: If you require occasional transcription, it's worth looking at online sites like People Per Hour. Here, people who want to earn pin money or need fill-in work undercut each other in a bid to win your business. It may be cheap, but you take a risk... I wouldn't consider this a long term solution.
  4. UK Virtual Typist: The next best thing to an employee, with no language issues or time differences, and people who understand your business/profession. Its UK rates, but great service, often part of a range of Office Admin Services, and some have contacts abroad and turn typing around overnight too.
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