Thursday, 17 November 2011

Capture your thoughts whilst driving

What do you do with your thoughts when you are driving, reach for paper and pen? ... I'd hope not. Or, do you hang on to them for hours, or pull over and make notes? If your head's always full of thoughts then you will either be losing a few or forever stopping.

Instead, why not call a voice message number and dictate your thoughts? We all call people from the car and leave voice messages, so why not leave multiple messages with your thoughts on the meeting that you just left or your latest idea for making a million. This way, your notes could be typed up ready for you when you arrive at your office or home.

Apart from the safety issue, getting your thoughts down on paper as they occur means you can move on to other matters and be more productive. Wasting time dwelling on thoughts, just so you don't forget them, is a thing of the past now that we live in the internet age.

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