Useful Articles

Useful articles explaining various aspects of virtual PA, Secretarial and Admin Services, highlighting the pitfalls and benefits, and what to look for in selecting the right provider for you and your business.

Selecting the right admin outsourcing partner is tricky, and with a lot at stake your approach needs to be more "professional assessment & evaluation" than “quote & hope."
Virtual Assistants do not just work for individuals and small businesses, well equipped VAs are finding a niche in outsourced admin services for large organisations too.
When faced with maternity leave, managers often use Temps or short term contract hires. In this article, we explore why a Virtual Assistant might be the ideal option.
Company managers now have a new resourcing option. This article examines how Virtual Temps are replacing traditional Temps to provide short and long term office cover.
Once upon a time, every successful manager had a PA, then they almost disappeared, but now they'e back... witness the re-spawning of the Virtual PA.
People often get confused. In this article we try to clarify the role of a Virtual Assistant and explain the differences between the various terms people use.
Digital dictation is the new short hand for busy professionals. In this article we cover what equipment you need and explore the options for transcription services.
With so many call handling companies to choose from, in this article we explore the different types of company and services on offer to make choosing a little easier.
Who are Virtual Assistants and what range of work can they perform remotely? This article explains the who, what, where, why and how of Virtual Office Services.