Monday, 1 August 2011

Sales support for busy consultancy

When a busy consultancy firm offering business planning advice recently approached us for Sales Management support, we were able to offer a really neat and simple solution covering telephone answering, lead handling and opportunity management support.

The company's Director and Lead Consultant was run ragged delivering client work, and his sales efforts were constantly being let down by unavailability and patchy follow-up. As a result he was losing business and his efforts to grow the business, and feed his team of Associate Consultants with work, was floundering. The solution was a dedicated Virtual Administrator to answer the phone and deal with enquiries, together with a simple WebOffice environment in which to manage sales opportunities and store company documents.

Their Virtual Administrator now filters out sales calls and qualifies the genuine enquiries. These are entered into the WebOffice Contact Manager and Sales Opportunity Management database, and the Director is tasked with an appropriate actions (eg. calling the person back). Any follow-up admin tasks, such as, sending information and marketing literature or booking meetings is done by their Virtual Administrator, using the WebOffice document manager and calendar. She also updates a built-in Activity Log so there is always a record of the interactions for each lead.

As a result, the Director now has an up to date view of all the company opportunities, their status and the actions taken - he is fully in control, as a manager should be - from anywhere he happens to be, via the internet. He is emailed the tasks that he needs to undertake, and the Administrator monitors whether he has actioned these, ensuring that any important actions are not overlooked or forgotten. After all, keeping your promises is a vital part of selling and proving that you are trustworthy - its one of the few ways prospective buyers can judge how well we might perform in delivery.

Now, with sales admin under control, there is more time to spend on important selling activity, which is resulting in more lead conversions for new clients and follow-on work. Plans are afoot to expand the use of the WebOffice to manage Time Recording for Associates and other aspects of business admin support. This company is now well on the way to success.
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