Monday, 16 August 2010

Converting .ZVR audio files to .WAV

If you use a pocket dictation device that uses the .ZVR file format (e.g. Philips Voice Tracer) you may find that your transcription service cannot type them using their software. For example, .ZVR is not in the list of file extensions supported by the commonly used free Express Scribe software.

You can download a free ZVR Converter program from which we've found to be a reputable site. There are two files: the ZVRConverter.exe executable file and a file called zvrc.dll and both have to be in the same folder on your PC for the program to work.

Alternatively, try teh new Online File Converter at It converts to/from a wide range of file formats and there's nothing to download!

It's worth remembering that the .ZVR file size is relatively small compared to many other audio file types which makes it ideal if you produce long dictations and email files for transcription. The .WAV file will be much larger than its .ZVR equivalent, so you may want to suggest that your Transcriber does the conversion her end.

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