Friday, 16 September 2011

Options for typing professional reports

For many professionals, producing reports comes with the territory. If you are a Consultant or a Surveyor that can mean lengthy ones and lots of them, so what are your options when it comes to typing reports?

Basically, you either do it yourself or dictate and get someone else to type it for you. Some people prefer to type themselves, either because they compose or develop content as they go, others may just type fast. For most, it's a case of preserving our sanity and making better use of our valuable time - getting more done, generating more income - for which there are 3 main options:
  1. Hire Someone: you'll have their undivided attention, but you'll have to provide office space, equipment & IT, pay full employment costs, manage them and find cover for absences ... this option has a high fixed cost.
  2. Hire a Temp: you'll commit to blocks of time and have cover (albeit a different person each time) and pay a premium rate for someone who still may not be fully utilised and who's not committed to your business ... this option tends to be loaded with hassle and is the last resort if all else fails... see Virtual Temp alternative
  3. Hire a Virtual Assistant: you'll only pay for the hours worked with management or employment hassle and no fixed costs... this option gives you a professional, with the backup of colleagues as part of the deal, who prides themself on their efficiency and is committed to your success.
Hiring a VA is an increasingly popular alternative to hiring staff and Temps, especially for professionals and small businesses. Find out more by reading about how a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist and Sheard Developments Services use digital dictation technology and VAs.

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